Based across the country, CCAT certified facilitators help nonprofits use the CCAT to improve their capacity. Trained by TCC Group, they provide expert guidance in the administration and interpretation of CCAT results. Equipped with extensive experience and knowledge of the latest findings, as well as experience working in the local sector, a certified facilitator can help a nonprofit organization create and execute a capacity building action plan based on CCAT results.

Join the Facilitator Community of Practice

TCC Group trains nonprofit and foundation staff, as well as independent consultants, in facilitating CCAT interpretation sessions to help make meaning and action from CCAT results. Training certifications are offered in two ways:

For individuals who would like to be trained

TCC Group holds a CCAT facilitator training webinar series several times a year. The series consists of three 2-hour sessions on using and interpreting the CCAT. 

For organizations that would like to train their staff

TCC Group designs and conducts facilitator trainings for organizations who wish to train 4 or more staff members in CCAT facilitation. These sessions can be offered virtually via webinar, or in person, and can be tailored to the primary audiences served by your organization.

After the training, facilitators shadow TCC Group consultants on interpretation calls with nonprofits, and receive hands-on coaching and feedback as they conduct their own interpretation sessions. The training culminates with a TCC Group certification of competency in CCAT facilitation.

All CCAT certified facilitators join our facilitator Community of Practice, a virtual learning network of nonprofits, consultants and foundations who use the CCAT. Annual membership in the facilitator community includes:

  • Invitations to quarterly webinars on CCAT learnings and best practices, exclusively for CCAT facilitators

  • Access to TCC Group consultants for consultations and coaching throughout the year

  • A $100 discount for each CCAT purchased

For more information, or to be notified of upcoming training, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Facilitator Certification

Components of CCAT Facilitator Certification

To be eligible for facilitator certification, a CCAT certified facilitator will:

  • Participate in a minimum of 6 hours of CCAT training, either in-person or via webinar, led by TCC Group consultants;

  • Shadow a minimum of 3 interpretation calls conducted by TCC Group consultants; and

  • Conduct a minimum of 1 interpretation call that is shadowed by TCC Group consultants and receive feedback from TCC Group consultants.

The facilitator-in-training is considered certified only once s/he has received an official TCC Group CCAT Facilitator certification letter.*

*TCC Group reserves the right to withhold certification despite completion of the above minimum eligibility criteria, or to require additional training from facilitator candidates, based on an evaluation by TCC Group of a facilitator candidate’s readiness. A facilitator will only be eligible to receive the benefits delineated below once they have been issued an official certification letter.


Benefits to the Facilitator

TCC Group offers the following benefits to certified facilitators:

  • Discounted CCAT pricing

  • Promotion on CCAT website and from TCC Group

  • Access to TCC Group CCAT training materials

  • Access to five hours of TCC Group consultation on the CCAT

  • Access to exclusive, advanced CCAT learning webinars

  • Membership in the online CCAT facilitator community of practice



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